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  History and acknowledgements

The hotel is located in front of Dali Museum and the coach station. The original name stems from the fact that early in the 20th century the hotel-Restaurant España (also called Fonda La Gravada –La Gravada Inn) would be the first hotel tourists found after crossing the French border in La Jonquera Street, which used to be the main road to France.

There is proof that the original name was first used at the beginning of the 20th century, when La Jonquera Street (the road to La Jonquera) was the main road to France. At the time roads were named after their destination, hence the names Peralada Street, Girona Street, Besalú Street, which used to be the main roads to these towns.

The name of the hotel was Fonda La Gravada –La Gravada Inn and it was the first hotel tourists found when entering Spain. That may be the reason why the name was changed to Hotel España. It was the first hotel with central heating and hot water, as the advertisement on the right reminds us.

It has been run by the same family for nearly a hundred years.

In April 2008, during the presentation of the book “Memories 1930-1980.Historia de una convicción - 1930-1980 Memories. Story of a conviction” held at the Dali Museum (right photo), the former president of Generalitat de Catalunya Mr. Jordi Pujol i Soley, mentioned this hotel several times and he explained that as a child, he and his family would stop for a meal at Hotel España on their way to Maçanet de Cabrenys.

A reference hotel

The owners have always been linked to the city different civil institutions and occasionally to politics.

After the Spanish Civil War, the hotel was totally refurbished becoming a reference hotel in the city. Many tourists, salesmen, businessmen, sportsmen, bullfighting celebrities, politicians, etc stayed at the hotel. The hotel saloons and restaurant were also a reference, as a lot of local couples celebrated their wedding here and a great number of customers wanted to experience the hotel’s fine cuisine.

Bullfighters and sportsmen

Throughout generations, the family has held executive posts at the Unió Deportiva Figueres, the local football club and at other sporting bodies. No wonder the hotel features photographs of some football myths:


During the 70’s and the 80’s , the hotel was closely linked to bullfighting and some of the best professionals stayed here whenever they took part in bullfights in Figueres or in the Ciutat de Figueres Bullfighting Prizes which were held at Peralada Castle and organized by Peña Taurina de Figueres that was housed at the hotel.

Institutional acknowledgements

It is hardly surprising that the hotel and its owners have received acknowledgements by several institutions. The following are some examples:


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